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TESTIMONIALS     (unedited & sincere......our clients make us proud!)

From Belinda...

I started Pilates to help me recover from several surgeries for spinal fusion and knee replacement.  After so much time walking around in pain and discomfort, I now feel like a new person.  My body is  alive, toned, and flexible with much greater strength and balance.


You all have done wonders for me! - Belinda



From Patty H.. 

After a successful spinal fusion, followed by the hardware removal, and 3 years of diligent post op therapy, my fusion area was still very tight and uncomfortable.   The pilates reformer exercises allowed me to safely work on improving my core strength and flexibility, and actually released the scar tissue as result of the fusion, relieving the respective pain. Today, not only does my back feel great, but I enjoy the full body benefit of pilates. I can't imagine my life without regularly attending pilates classes.

Patty H.




From Marie C..... 

Dear Carrie, It is a pleasure to support Balanced Bodies, you.. Carrie, and Adriana !!!  Your presence in Herndon has been a goddess-send for me at a crucial time of my career (and life!). I appreciate your across-the-board professionalism and integrity. Your high standard of bringing the work to so many of us in an intelligent  yet kind and comfortable way is extremely well-balanced, in my opinion!! :-)  You, and Adriana, should be commended for what you have BASI, your clients, and the Pilates community!!!  And in a very short time!!  You can count on my support (and admiration!) for a very long time to come!!! 

Chapeau!!!  Hope to see YOU soon!!
As always... All my best,

From a Studio Customer....

 "I really enjoyed her class have such competent staff and teachers - w/ different focuses and approaches I really enjoyed Adriana's class and picked up some new things to think about my practice"....Una H

From a private client......

The studio is small, an upstairs flat in a very quiet professional park. I have never seen it crowded and it has always been quiet. It is also scrupulously clean, well decorated, and highly functional. The environment is very conducive to mental focus.
My two instructors are the studio's co-owners Carrie Smith and Adriana Ferrer. Both have extensive backgrounds in Pilates, general training,and various forms of physical therapy. Adriana was a dancer and teaches yoga.
The words that come to mind to describe them are competent,innovative, and adaptable. They are extremely results oriented, but lacking in the pressure that often pervades the experience of training in a physical development.
The feeling that I get in the studio sessions is one of intimate hands-on guidance. I have only experienced this one other time, martial arts training under a grand master.
I recommend them without reservation.......

Best Regards,

From a  studio customer......

Hi Carrie and Adriana, I just wanted to let you both know how much I have enjoyed my last 2 classes at BB. I went to the Sat. 10:30 am class, and Mon. am mat class - and really was challenged and enjoyed the new exercises Adriana expertly demonstrated. Nice to expand on the basic Pilates principles w/ new exercises and strategies for improvement. Kudos to you and the studio!! U.H

From Michele S.......

About BASI Pilates CTTC.....

Good morning Constance (Director of Education at BASI Pilates),

I am a student of Carrie Smith's and recently completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training in Herndon, VA.......Iwant you to know that I will be incredibly honored to hang my BASI certificate on the wall in my studio, and to count myself a member of such an accomplished and well-respected community. 
Most importantly, though, I feel I must say something about Carrie, Adriana and the overall BASI experience. Not only have I grown to be confident in my teaching skills, knowledge, and in my own body thanks to BASI, but these outstanding women have supported, challenged and pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach. I know it's just the beginning of the journey for me, but it has already produced outstanding results in my practice. My schedule is booked and I have received positive (and very enthusiastic) feedback even from my most "experienced" clients. I truly can't say enough about BASI and what it has done for me!       MS